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Unity Engine GDC Demo

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Unity Engine GDC Demo

Postby NazTheEternal » Wed Mar 16, 2016 10:19 pm


Heh, pretty cool, not really sure who/what company this Unity is?

Anybody know anything more?

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Re: Unity Engine GDC Demo

Postby MikeyTwoGuns » Thu Mar 17, 2016 2:17 am

Unity is a game engine, similar to the Unreal Engine. Not commonly used for AAA stuff yet, but it has pretty wise adoption for Indie dev stuff and works nearly flawlessly across all platforms. Realtime rendering speeds up the feedback and editing process, so there have been a few projects popping up here and there that use a game engine (UDK for the Unreal Engine shows up a lot) to render the movies instead of a traditional 3D rendering application (think Pixar).

The people that made that video are part of the company that develops the Unity engine. The reason they list the specs in the description of the video are because it's running totally in realtime. If they plugged up a controller and wired it in the code to the camera, you could move around that scene while it was running =)

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